The biggest stamp auction ever held in Thailand
Rare Stamps - Coins and Banknotes / แสตมป์ เหรียญ และธนบัตรที่หายาก

Venue: Narai Hotel  Rattanakosin Room, Silom Rd., Bangkok
. ç³ - ͧѵԹ . ا෾

Auction Date: 5th April 2009 at 9.30
ѹ: ѹҷԵ 5 ¹ 2552 9.30.

Viewing arrangements at / ǨͺԹ
Narai Hotel - Changsean Room 2nd - 4th April 2009 at 12.00 - 19.00
ç³ -  ѹ 2 - 4 ¹ 2552 12.00 - 19.00.

Viewing at our office by appointment only / سҹѴҡͧôԹҷ ʹ. ͧѷ

Catalogue price: 350 Baht within Thailand, oversea airmail
13. or you may print catalogue on-line here
ᤵͤ Ҥ 350 ҷҨѴ㹻
13ҨѴ觵ҧ ͷҹöͧ

Featuring wide range of area over 1,200 lots estimated price over 25,000,000 THB. (500,000)

Stamps: 120 lots Siam Postal History Collection by Mrs. Bonnie Davis; 70 lots of PLPO & DLPO Collection by Mr.H.R.Blakeney including all thsose key plates appeared in his handbook; Royal Cremation Princess Galyani Vadhana special imperf souvenir sheets only 1,000 issued of which 540 s/s will be sold here in 37 lots starting at issued price 500b. per peice (a real good investment opportunities); others with rare surcharges, singles, groups, multiples, errors, several unlisted errors, rare covers with, wide ranges of basic sets including 1st issue block of 4, 1899 Rejected die used set, 1907 Fiscal used set, Horsemen mint & used set, good postmarks selections including 1912 Vienna printing, 1917 London printing, Red Cross, Vicotry, Rama VI Garuda, very large selection of Rama IX issues, definitive series 1-6 in blocks of 4 & several lots in full sheets, popular sets in full sheets or multiples, include full ranges of limited edition s/s or sheetlets, Buddha I & II imperf. Kings 60th reign imperf deluxe pair & normal imperf, Rare imperf souvenir sheet of Thaipex 85, 87, 89; Philaniphon 91; proofs, airmail, proofs, error, imperf; old documents including rare photographs of King Rama V, VI, VII & rama IX; large selection of delaers lots including one lot catalogue value over 1.2m will start at 100,000b. & several good clean unmounted mint stocks of better sets etc., Good selection of PR.China with many better sets including several collections lots, Y. of the Monkey in block of 4 etc. Good collections & dealers stocks from all world G.B., Malaya Strait Settlements stock, deluxe sheets (Cambodia, Laos , Vietnam), Korea including several lot of old Japanese sets in full sheets at discount postage etc.

Banknotes: Thailand banknotes over 200 lots of rare notes from all period including, Warrants Fuang & Salung the pair with the best condition seen on market ever, Charter Bank, HSBC, rare uniface notes, several better selection of Series II VIII, Rama7-9 solid lucky numbers 111111 till 999999 and complete set from, wide range of original packs of 100, rare prefix & signatures, good section of specimen notes & large selection of errors notes from Rama VIII & Rama TDLR & others.

Coins & medals: Large selection of gold coin, silver coins & rare medals including:- 1974 extremely rare set of 24 WWF Gold coins from 24 countries the total gold weight over 800gms.(start 1,000,000ҷ), Pit & Padduang, 1b.(400,000), Rama V gold Fuang(80,000), Kings Rama IXs 50th(30,000), 25th Reign(30,000) & 60th birthday(50,000), Longest reign(24,000), 700th Alphanbet(25,000), 1974 WWF bird(80,000), 2000 Year of the Dragon(280,000) etc. Over 70 lots of worldwide gold coins etc.

Silver coins including rare Rama V RS127 1b. in Essai(420,000) & 1/4b. also in Essai(500,000), Rama V 2 Baht tin pattern(200,000), & presentation box(120,000), rare pattern coins from 30,000 200,000, large selection of scarce modern coins etc.

Medals including over 150 lots of wide ranges, Rama V 100th Bangkok(200,000), 18 Monks(60,000), Bowl(60,000), Rama III Lotus-Muangthai(200,000), Pra Mahachanok(15,000), various Royal Decorations, large selection from Rama IV-IX medals, decorations, insignia & pins etc.

Ancient money: 60 lots of Good ranges of Sukhothai & Ayudhya period, Srivichai to Rattanakosin; gold 1b. bullet(300,000 & 250,000) Rama IV Pra-Tao, silver 4 & 2 Baht Monkut, Kakim, Namo; Sukhothai includes Rabbit, Singha, elephant, & Ayudhaya, large collection of opium weights in one lot, good alloy, glass & ceramic gambling tokens, Eae Pae, from all the period.

Chinese Sycee in large selection over 20 lots from Song, Ming & Qing periods from one tael to 50 taels with various shapes mostly in very fine strikes.

Arts & Antiques: Arts & Antiques section of about 25 lots will also be included worth approx 4,500,000(100,000) including:-

6 Paintings from famous Nation artist Award winners; pastel painting Lady by Chakrabhand Posayakrit(2,000,000), oil painting Horse by Thawan Duchanee (900,000), oil painting Rocket Festival by Chalerm Nakeerak(650,000), water colour painting Northern House by Kid Kosalwat(120,000), oil painting NUDE by oil painting NUDE by Nab Sotthibandhu(60,000); & Japanese Arts including several pcs. from Meiji & Shodo period;

Large selection over 70 lots casting alloy sculptures & amulets including Buddha amulets, well known monks, Kings Rama V & IX; numerous religious medals in gold & silver for this very popular section.

Section Table:

Sunday 5th April 2009 at 9.30 a.m.


  Category Lot No  
SECTION 1 Documents, postcards etc. ͡ ʡ 1-33 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 2 Revenues ҡʵ 34-47 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 3 RAMA V Ѫŷ 5 48-122 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 4 RAMA VI Ѫŷ 6 123-175 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 5 RAMA VII-VIII Ѫŷ 7-8 176-216 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 6 "Siam Postal History" by B.Davis ɳ B.Davis 217-337 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 7 PLPO-DLPO by H.R.Blakeney ɳ͡͹حҵ H.R.Blakeney 338-386 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 8 RAMA IX Ѫŷ 9 387-614 Print this section catalogue

Sunday 5th April 2009 at 1.30 p.m.

COINS - MEDALS ­Թһ ­֡ ­ᶺͧ

  Category Lot No  
SECTION 9 FOREIGN STAMPS ʵҧ 615-669 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 10 FOREIGN BANKNOTES & COINS ѵõҧ­ 670-799 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 11 THAI ARTS & PAINTING Ż ҾҴ 800-816 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 12 ASIAN ARTS & ANTIQUES Ż ѵҳ 817-830 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 13 SUKHOTHAI-AYUDHAYA BULLETS ǧ⢷-ظ 831-853 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 14 RATTANAKOSIN BULLETS ǧѵԹ 854-875 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 15 THAI ANCIENT MONEY etc. Թҳ 876-911 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 16 THAI GOLD COINS ­ͧ 912-939 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 17 BUDDHA AMULETS & CASTING ALLOYS ͧ оطٻ ٻ 940-1030 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 18 THAI MEDALS & ROYAL DECORATIONS ­֡ - ͧҪó 1031-1195 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 19 COIN: RAMA IV-VIII ­Ѫŷ 4-8 1196-1242 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 20 COIN: RAMA IX ­Ѫŷ 9 1243-1283 Print this section catalogue

Sunday 5th April 2009 at 4.30 p.m.


  Category Lot No  
SECTION 21 WARRANTS - FOREIGN BANK - ѵøҤõҧ 1284-1285 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 22 SERIES I - VIII 1-8 1286-1320 Print this section catalogue
SECTION 23 SERIES IX - XV 9-15 1321-1448 Print this section catalogue

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